Nissan Juke – Footwell & Glove Box LED Lightning

Next on the block – adding LEDs to the foot wells and glove box.   (Prev mods: LED Tails and Rear Passenger LED mods)

This mod can be especially useful this time of year up here on the 49th parallel since we are pretty much in darkness @ 5PM during November. All to often I drop something down near my feet and have to go looking for it.  The light that casts from the map lights does not reach the areas down near the front driver/passenger foot wells, so I decided to add a few tiny LEDs to shed some love in the area when needed.  In addition to this, the Juke comes with a MASSIVE glove box and no light.  So, it was natural to throw a small LED strip in there as well.  Both sets of LEDs are hooked up to a custom controller that uses an ATTiny85 and touch sensitive pins to control on/off states (I’m not one to go with status-quo, so the standard on/off switch would not cut it for me).

The switching unit (below) has 2 pairs of pins and 1 switch.  The switch is used to control the rear passenger LED and is discussed here.   Each pin pair make up a galvanic touch sensor that use the conductive abilities of skin to bridge the connection (reads – won’t work with gloves).  Touch them once and the LEDs ramp up (on), touch them again to power them off.  The top pair control the foot well LEDs, the bottom controls the glove box LED.



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