I’ve had a lot of interest over the past year when I started to show off my MX-5 NeoStrips on my ND2 MX-5 (see below for other models/versions). Namely both the original build and the latest (with a remote wireless TFT controller in the front console). I’ve decided to build & sell a limited quantity (5) of the original Phase I version with some improvements. I expect them to be available closer to the end of June 2022 with pricing around $200 CAD + shipping. These are custom built, so apologies if the cost seems high, but they take a lot of time to put together and, well, parts costs… enough said there… For the time being, I’m targeting Canada, US and the UK. So, who’s in? If you are interested, I’m currently creating a waiting list, so drop me a note. Also looking for a few locals (near Burlington ON) and I could help you install them if you like! Below is a sample video of some of the sequences. FYI the default end state always falls back into (red) running light mode with brake light sweep.

How it works: When the car is started (lights need to be on / auto mode) the default sequence will run, then it goes into running light mode (all red) with a “sweep” out from the middle to the sides (think Audi) during braking. For those that don’t like sequences, you can also set the above as the default mode (no sequences), but where’s the fun in that?!?


The kit would be based on the Phase I build with a few tweaks and improvements. This version is similar to my later version but does not have the front console remote controller. Highlights:

  • 9 selectable sequence options: Default (red running light mode with brake sweep), Brake Sweep Only (no running light), K.I.T.T. , Bounce, K.I.T.T & Bounce, Rainbow Fade, Rainbow Bounce, Colour Wipe (red), and Demo Mode (all main sequences together). Video below shows some modes but may be out of date.
  • NeoPixel LED strip capable of millions of colours mounted and sealed inside a silicone light-pipe
  • Sequence selection button mounted in the enclosure and accessible on the outside
  • LED strip turns on/off with the running lights, so there is no need to power them on/off
  • Kit includes: Microcontroller w/enclosure, wiring, NeoStrip and wiring mounting clips (w/3M VHB tape), zip ties, harness connector for ND/ND2 rear lights (plug-and-play). These are custom made, including component soldering. As I trust you can discern from my blog and passion, I put a lot of love into my work, and only use high quality parts including silicone wiring.
  • Tested on an ND2. You will need to double-check ND1 connections, but my understanding they are the same and the wiring harness also fits.
  • Will require some work (e.g holes in grommets) etc.
  • Will also provide installation and usage instructions
  • Other Vehicle Models: These are currently made for Mazda MX-5 ND/ND2’s. Drop me a note if interested in a kit for other vehicles. Would need to know what length for the NeoStrip LED’s. You would also have to make the connection (using T-Taps or similar) for (12V running light, 12V brake, and GND). Wiring harness connectors would not be provided.

Usage and Mode Switching: (Note – kit is not complete in this video and may not contain all modes as I keep adding new ones!)

Kit Sample: