3D Printing

WeatherCloud – IoT

So, my son's been bugging me to get him some of those LED strips for his room.  You know the ones that you see on Amazon with the remote controls.  I couldn't just go with status quo, so instead with a little grit and some free time I got on the LED cloud bandwagon and built him something a big puffy cloud with lights - what every teen wants right? ;-) What is it? It's…
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WIoT: Weather Station & IoT Notifier

Update: Check out my latest version of this project WIoT-2. This is a project that I have been wanting to do for some time.  Since the marrying of IoT with microcontrollers, the world of cloud-connected devices has taken off.  I had a hard time naming this thing because its sort of a swiss army knife of IoT.  I keep coming up with new ideas as to what to connect to and control.    I've done other…
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