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LISAMRC ML180 Carbon Fiber Frame Kit – Review

Today we are doing a review of the LISAMRC ML1800 Carbon Fiber Frame Kit.  Not sure what LISAMRC stands for, so I suppose it's a 'cool' factor thing.  Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this micro-sized quad frame kit. It's well crafted and light.  There are some minor issues, but no show stoppers and nothing you can't fix with some spare bits.  The following is an unboxing review and observations putting the base kit together.  Sometime in…
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Micro MinimOSD – D4R-II RSSI using RC Filter

I'm running a Flip32+ using a D4R-II receiver and wanted to get RSSI into the Micro MinimOSD.   Googling yielded other results that did not work for me.  After digging deeper, I found this worked for my set-up.  The solution is an analog RC filter consisting of a cap and few resistors.  The idea is to convert the PWM signal to an analog signal so it can be interpreted correctly.  Analog will provide an analog…
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Quads FPV etc

Micro MinimOSD – Gray Screen – A Fix

Symptom Summary: With the camera plugged in, the OSD would not display the telemetry overlay and only show the camera view. Then, when the camera is disconnected (power), the OSD would show telemtry, but no camera view. This is a repeatable activity.  I also verified that my RX<>TX were connected correctly (was able to see the OSD change when moving the quad so I knew this was working). Solution: Fix:  Although this may have less…
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LEGO Robots

Quad Landing Gear Meets LEGO Shocks

After a few hard landings, the carbon fibre landing gear that came with the ZMR250 frame were done.    After researching different solutions, I gave the zip tie concept a try.  The solution entailed creating 'loops' out of zip ties and mounting them to the quad legs.  However, they sagged under the weight of the quad only a day or so after mounting them.  This caused the quad to be out of level - not a good thing for…
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Quads: Why you need Failsafe and a LOMA

I finally got my 250-sized quad ready to fly.    The last 2 things I did were to add a LMOA (Lost Model Alarm) and configure failsafe in Cleanflight.  Luck was on my side yesterday as Murphy's Law kicked in when I took the quad out for it's first full flight test in a nearby field.   Admittedly, I still consider myself a noob with much to  That said, I was flying FPV and decided…
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