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DIY Magnetic Bit Holder

I often need more than one bit when using drills/drivers for my projects.  The next question is often "where's this bit, and where's that bit"...   There's a simple solution - use a magnet to stick the bits directly to the drill/screwdriver.  Although this idea is not new, I've been using it for years now and thought I would share it.   All you have to do is pick-up  some nickel-sized (approx 20mm) neodymium  magnets…
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Cleaning Microsoft Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000

So, since I find myself constantly taking things apart because they are broken, needing repair and cleaning, I figured why not post about them on my blog!  Surely someone out there will take on the same task at some point in time.  That said, here is a DIY cleaning for the Microsoft wireless notebook laser mouse 6000. (more…)
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