Magnetic Drill Bit Holder

I often need more than one bit when using drills/drivers for my projects.  The next question is often “where’s this bit, and where’s that bit”…   There’s a simple solution – use a magnet to stick the bits directly to the drill/screwdriver.  Although this idea is not new, I’ve been using it for years now and thought I would share it.   All you have to do is pick-up  some nickel-sized (approx 20mm) neodymium  magnets and glue them somewhere on your drill.  Usually one magnet can hold 3-4 bits and they hold well – even if you are shaking / jolting the drill / driver.  If you need more strength, just glue 2 magnets on top of each other.   These things have a lot of holding power.

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This idea has been around for some time, but it’s surprising how many manufacturers have not caught onto the idea of magnetically holding bits to the driver in some way.  Some are catching on and offering solutions varying from magetic bit inserts to others that have a bit holder on-board that you slide the bits into.  However, this solution works fine.  It also works great when you are on a ladder putting up lights or ceiling fans and you need access to more than one bit while holding the driver.


Magnetic Drill Bit Holder Animated