DIY & Hobby Projects: Parts, Components & Tools Must Have’s

Most people who visit to this site are either DIY'ers, Makers, Hackers, or Robotics / RC enthusiast.  For the most part, we all do the same thing - we build or mod stuff for our projects or hobbies.  Over the years, experience and repetition has given we wisdom as to what works, what doesn't, and key components that I want to have on hand.  I wanted to share a list of parts/components I have found useful for…
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Arduino Temperature / Humidity Sensor

The projects I do tend to fall in one of two buckets - either proof-of-concept (so I can learn new stuff) or items that have some sort of functional use.   The need for this project came about when my wife was prodding me about the humidity in the house and whether our humidifier was doing it's job correctly.  Most people would just go out and buy a temp / humidity sensor and be done…
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Adafruit Monochrome 128×32 OLED graphic display

I recently got my hands on the Adafruit Monochrome 128x32 OLED graphic display for my next project.  This is a 128x32 OLED B+W graphics chip and it's tiny!  Don't let its size fool you however. Being an OLED display,  text/graphics contrasts well against the black background.  My initial intent for this display was to use it to provide information to you GPS Red Light Camera project.  It's job would be to provide key information such…
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