IoT Garage Door Monitor/Opener with Finger Print Scanner

I've got a lot of stuff in my garage, and having 3 kids (one of them being me!) with forgetful minds, the garage door is sometimes left open over night.  I don't really like that sinking feeling after waking up the next day to find the door was left open.  Between loosing valuables and critters that make a mess of garbage, I finally decided it's time to take a stance!  I have an IP Cam mounted inside the…
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Dicontinued – WiFi Bot Control & Arduino Bot (Eddie) – Android App to Control Robots

  Wifi Bot Control is an Android app that allows you to remotely control a robot (or other device) via WiFi.  You can also (optional) view a video stream from an IP camera mounted to the robot.  WiFi Bot Control also provides up to 8 additional customizable command buttons that allow you to perform additional tasks on your robot / device.  You could use these commands to initiate other activities such as enabling/disabling sensors, moving other servos /…
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Glo Control – Android App & Arduino Controller

  Glow Control is an Android app that couples to an Arduino-based controller over Bluetooth allowing for control of various tasks including Landscape / Patio LED lights.  You can either schedule the zones to turn on / off within a time range, or use a light sensor to trigger them when it gets dark.  It also offers up to 4 additional customizable buttons that allow you to add functionality.  You could use it to control…
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Dicontinued – BT Bot Control & IPCam Bot – Android App to control Arduino Robots

BT Bot Control is an Android application that allows you to remotely control a micro controller-based robot using Bluetooth ( Arduino).  It also allows you to (optionally) view a video stream from an IPCamera mounted to your robot.  This could be any type wireless IP camera or phone that has the ability to broadcast a video stream/images to the web.  Example Foscam, Ai-Cam etc.  If you are looking to control your robot over WiFi, check…
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