Lepin Baja Trophy Truck (23013) Build / Lepin vs LEGO Comparison

Let's start by clearing the air.  I'm fully aware of what Lepin is up to.  I'm an AFOL and have been a dedicated LEGO fan (mostly Technic and Minstorms) for over 40 years.  I have spent more $ on LEGO than I want to know.  Am I a purist?  Somewhat.  I didn't really pay much attention to knock-off LEGO brands as I just assumed they were crap, so I ignored all the media about them. …
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BluCrawler – LEGO Rock Crawler with BTBox Bluetooth Controller

First I want to give a shout-out (and credit) to PunkTacoNYC as BluCrawler is based off his Chilli Crawler - this is his creation. I'm  just taking it down another path.     You can also find published instructions if you want to build it yourself.  For some time, I wanted to get an RC crawler, but they can be $$$.  When I came across PunkTacoNYC's Chilli Crawler, that was I figured I had 90% of the…
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DYI, Mods, Hacks & Stuff

Prop Storage Using LEGO Technic Axles

I have a variety of 5040 and 5030 spare props.  The need for both CW and CCW props, makes for a mess when trying to find a replacement when you crash and need a new prop. Given I break at least 1 prop per flight (I'm learning flips these days!), I wanted a quick way to access either size or direction of prop.   Look no further to your LEGO Technic collection for axles (or…
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LEGO Robots

Quad Landing Gear Meets LEGO Shocks

After a few hard landings, the carbon fibre landing gear that came with the ZMR250 frame were done.    After researching different solutions, I gave the zip tie concept a try.  The solution entailed creating 'loops' out of zip ties and mounting them to the quad legs.  However, they sagged under the weight of the quad only a day or so after mounting them.  This caused the quad to be out of level - not a good thing for…
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Dicontinued – BT Bot Control & IPCam Bot – Android App to control Arduino Robots

BT Bot Control is an Android application that allows you to remotely control a micro controller-based robot using Bluetooth ( Arduino).  It also allows you to (optionally) view a video stream from an IPCamera mounted to your robot.  This could be any type wireless IP camera or phone that has the ability to broadcast a video stream/images to the web.  Example Foscam, Ai-Cam etc.  If you are looking to control your robot over WiFi, check…
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