Symptom Summary:
With the camera plugged in, the OSD would not display the telemetry overlay and only show the camera view. Then, when the camera is disconnected (power), the OSD would show telemtry, but no camera view. This is a repeatable activity.  I also verified that my RX<>TX were connected correctly (was able to see the OSD change when moving the quad so I knew this was working).


Fix:  Although this may have less of an impact, here is the set-up that this worked for:
Fatshark 600TVL (NTSC), Flip32, D4R-II & Micro Minimosd. Cleanflight 1.8.1

In the Arduino sketch for MWOSD 1.5 config.h:
#define AUTOCAM (this is what did the trick)!
#define CLEANFLIGHT180 (will change when I move to 1.9.x)
#define FASTPIXEL (was not likely necessary)


  • Interestingly, even though I am certain I have a NTSC Fatshark 600TVL camera (jumper is also in the camera), the MWOSD GUI setting showed my camera as PAL.  That said, I did not play with this and assume it was a result of the AUTOCAM setting.  Maybe my camera is actually PAL and was labelled incorrectly at manufacturer.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Sake sure you double check your RX/TX between your FC and the Micro.  RX goes to TX and vice versa.
  • Some suggested that camera may need to be in PAL.  Be careful here. Don’t know if it was coincidence, but my cam is NTSC and I unplugged the jumper (Fatshark 600TVL) at the back of the camera. When I plugged it back into the Micro, the Micro fried shortly after.  Not sure what the true cause was, but this is suspect.