Asus EEE 901 MightyMouse Hack

What: Hack the innards of an Apple Mighty Mouse into an EEE 901.

Why: I found the 2-finger scrolling using the touchpad a PINTA.   So, since it’s never my intent to leave well enough alone, and I was itching for something to take apart and hack, I decided to integrate a trackball into my EEE 901. The Apple Mighty Mouse was the best candidate becase the trackball acts like a wheel on the mouse – I can use it solely for scrolling rapidly through pages of content. Of course, there are out there, but its ball acts as a mouse controller (not for scrolling) and I didn’t want to pay the price.  I figured the Mighty Mouse would be more of a challenge anyhow.  Well, it was.  Read on for details, a video, and instructions

How Much: $22 USD (the mouse)

Update: Jan 2010 -
There have been a number of blogs and forums that have picked up this DIY, which is nice to see. There have also been a number of posts that share similar themes that either point to the Mighty Mouse being trash, or questions as to why would someone want to do this hack when the EEE already has two finger scrolling on the trackpad.   To answer the quality question – the trackball has been installed since July 09.  6 months later (and counting), it’s still working as good as it did when I first installed it.   No crud, skips, etc etc.  To answer the ‘whatever floats your boat’ question, I guess its just that. I like to hack and DIY things – never satisfied with status-quo. As noted in this post, I dont like the 2 finger scrolling. While some consider these things an effort, others (like myself) consider them fun and challenging. I just find it funny when reading some of the responses out there as they either seem to be arrogant of the concept of DIY, or just like to get their post counts up :-). Thanks to those of you who can appreciate the hobby of DIY.

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