Pulito – Featuring DFlex

Over the summer we installed hardwood flooring – which needs constant sweeping and cleaning .    What to do…  What to do…  Well, most of us would just sweep it, right?  Some of us might even go buy a Roomba.  But, then again, some of us build something to do it for them.  Why?  Because we can… Pulito (Italian for ‘clean’) is simply put, a sweeper robot. Much like a Swiffer and Roomba combined.  The...
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NXT Robots

Old School Touch Sensor Multiplexing on the NXT

I find that I am often using this approach for getting more touch sensors on my NXT without using multiple ports.  So, for the sake of prosperity, I wanted to keep a record of the setup. If you are have a set of Cybermaster Touch Sensors hanging around, you can multiplex them for use on the NXT.   Years ago, these sensors were quite rare, but now they can be readily found on Bricklink...
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