Below is a list of some of my collection. It consists primarily of Technic and Mindstorms medium to large sets.  It does not contain a listing for all the parts that I have accumulated over the years.  I estimate that I have over 50,000 parts in my collection. Set Number / Name Pcs. Own Total Pcs. 3800 Ultimate Builders Set 316 1 316 3801 Ultimate Accessory Set 45 1 45 3803 RIS Upgrade Kit...
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Chameleon 1.1 / MapServer JavaScript Dynamic Tree Legend Widget

A while back, I was given a challenge to integrate a dynamic JavaScript-based legend into Chameleon  The following information is my take on creating a Widget for use in a MapServer / Chameleon implementation.  If you are not sure what Chameleon and MapServer are, then the following info may be of little use to you.  To learn about these online mapping tools, you can find more at the DM Solutions – MapTools...
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DYI, Mods, Hacks & Stuff

LEGO X50/X50v Cradle

I am an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) and specialize in building and programming Lego robots (look at the rest of this site for more of my robots). I use (or play) with Lego Technic / Mindstorms for the most part. I got an idea to see what I could come up with for a cradle for my Axim. Below is my first run at a Lego Dell Axim X50 / X50v cradle. It...
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