Building Robots with Lego Mindstorms

A while back, I received an email from Mario Ferrari informing me that he was going to send copy of his new book, Building Robots with Lego Mindstorms.  When I received the book, I immediately cracked it open and skimmed all the sections.  My first reaction was that the book being some 600 pages in length contained a plethora of information similar to that of other Lego Mindstorms books written by other Lugnet members.  Once I had a chance to go through the book in more detail, I realized that it offered much information about the various building techniques and programming languages used to build robots.  The book offers a wide variety of pictures, new ideas, and new approaches that I will find useful when building my next challenge.  The appendix offers a great resource of links to other user-sites where even more great ideas and info can be found.  If you are a beginner to intermediate Mindstorms user, you will find this book exciting and informative.  Considering myself between intermediate and advanced, I found the book exciting to read and informative but was hungry for some advanced building ideas and instructions.  One thing that I would like to see for future writers of Mindstorms-type books would be a building instructions section, or possible a CD containing drawings/instructions for advanced projects.  Good work guys!

Official Guide to Lego Mindstorms

The Official Guide to Lego Mindstorms by Johnathen Knudsen.  I found reading this book to be quite informative.  I have spent much of my time building and programming Lego Mindstorms.  The book covered this area from the basics right up to higher level development.  There were many pictures, step-by-step instructions and code samples as well.  I learned a few tricks from the code samples in this book.

10 Cool Lego Mindstorms Ultimate Builders Projects

Having participated in the creation of this book, I have to admit some bias to the review. 10 Cool Lego Mindstorms Ultimate Builders Projects contains 10 original Lego Mindstorms creations.  The model I submitted is DominoBot. It was a great challenge to build and create the building instructions for this model.  The book contains step-by-step instructions on how to build each of the 10 robots.  The book should challenge the intermediate enthusiast and contains some great ideas on building techniques. If you are interested in this book, it can be obtained by most retailers including Amazon, Chapters, Ingigo, and the publisher Syngress. I have also included building instructions in the Instructions section of this website.


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