A while back, I received an email from Mario Ferrari informing me that he was going to send copy of his new book, Building Robots with Lego Mindstorms.  When I received the book, I immediately cracked it open and skimmed all the sections.  My first reaction was that the book being some 600 pages in length contained a plethora of information similar to that of other Lego Mindstorms books written by other Lugnet members.  Once I had a chance to go through the book in more detail, I realized that it offered much information about the various building techniques and programming languages used to build robots.  The book offers a wide variety of pictures, new ideas, and new approaches that I will find useful when building my next challenge.  The appendix offers a great resource of links to other user-sites where even more great ideas and info can be found.  If you are a beginner to intermediate Mindstorms user, you will find this book exciting and informative.  Considering myself between intermediate and advanced, I found the book exciting to read and informative but was hungry for some advanced building ideas and instructions.  One thing that I would like to see for future writers of Mindstorms-type books would be a building instructions section, or possible a CD containing drawings/instructions for advanced projects.  Good work guys!