3D Printing

LulzBot Mini 2 – Fan & Lighting Controller

I was so impressed with my Lulzbot Mini 1, that I decided to buy a Mini 2.  Holding true to my mantra, whenever I get a new toy, I can't leave well enough alone.   So, I decided to re-create my original Mini 1 custom fan and lighting controller with some tweaks and enhancements for my new Mini 2.  Two key drivers were to a) reduce fan noise, and b) add lighting with control. How it…
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Quadcopter: 3D Printed Leveling Workstand

I often mess around with my quad configuration.   Sometimes I re-flash the firmware which requires the re-calibration of the accelerometer and magnetometer.    To calibrating the accelerometer, the quad has to be on a level surface.  I have a 4-in-1 Quattro ESC mounted to the bottom, which makes an excellent platform to mount to.  After tinkering on TinkerCAD (see what I did there?) for a few minutes, a base was born.  I also had…
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