Finito! MX-5 Rear LED Strip Console Controller

Wanting to have more control of the Miata's rear LED strip sequences and features (see my Phase I build), the next step was to build a controller into the center console unit that allows me to control them and also display state and status info. As I didn't want to run wires through the car, the Master controller communicate wirelessly to the Slave unit. The details documented here builds on Phase I by adding the…
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3D Printing

WIoT-2 Weather and Home Automation – Nextion with ESP8266/ESP32

This is a continuation from my first iteration of WIoT weather station.  What is WIoT-2?  I use it as a cloud-connected (IoT) info center of sorts.  It is a culmination of information my wife or I often look for either on our way out of the house, or when we come home.  It displays current/forecast weather, temp/humidity from outside the house (this), date, time, our local waste collection schedule, currency rates, the status of our garage…
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