Nextion TFT LCD – Why you need one!

I’ll start this by stating that I don’t work for iTead, and nor am I getting any sort of kickbacks…   I just really like this TFT LCD.  I stumbled upon the Nextion (which is a slick easy-to-use TFT LCD with a HMI editor) when they had their first crowdfunding campaign a year or so ago.   I ignored it as there was not a lot of documentation, and frankly, I really didn’t understand the...
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3D Printing

WIoT-2 Weather Station – Nextion TFT with ESP8266

This is a continuation from my prior WIoT weather station.  I struggled with the name as it does much more than just weather…  I suppose I should have called it IoT “thing”….  Anyway, what is WIoT-2?  Well, it’s lots of things…  I use it as a cloud-connected (IoT) info center of sorts mounted near our front door.  It is a culmination of information my wife or I often look for either on our way...
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