3D Printing

LulzBot Mini 2 – Fan & Lighting Controller

I was so impressed with my Lulzbot Mini 1, that I decided to buy a Mini 2.  Holding true to my mantra, whenever I get a new toy, I can't leave well enough alone.   So, I decided to re-create my original Mini 1 custom fan and lighting controller with some tweaks and enhancements for my new Mini 2.  Two key drivers were to a) reduce fan noise, and b) add lighting with control. How it…
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LulzBot Mini: LED Lighting Controller

Update: Check out the more recent mod - camera mount and better lighting. So, I just got my LulzBot Mini this week and have to say I love this thing.  It's my 2nd 3D printer (I Kickstarted the M3D - but it was not a reliable machine).  Anyway, like any guy with a new toy, I had to do something to make it my own!   ..and why not print some parts for it! The…
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