In-Flight Rate Profile Changes – Cleanflight

As I gain more experience flying, I want to have the ability to swap rate profiles while in flight.  Some days I want easy flying, while others I want things a little more aggressive so I can do flips etc.  Cleanflight has the ability to set profiles in the PID Tuning tab.  You can set different PID values as well as RC Rate etc and save them to 1 of 3 profiles.   Values...
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DIY Quadcopter Build (MultiWii / NanoWii / Qbrain)

If I didn’t have enough hobbies already…  I’ve just gotten myself into the world of quadcopters and flying.  I’ve never flown before.  My RC experience is limited to 4 wheels on the ground.    Navigating with 2 sticks and learning the world of yaw, elevation, pitch and throttle has become my next challenge.  I’ve wanted to learn how to fly for some time, so here we I’m not going to re-create the wheel...
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