As I gain more experience flying, I want to have the ability to swap rate profiles while in flight.  Some days I want easy flying, while others I want things a little more aggressive so I can do flips etc.  Cleanflight has the ability to set profiles in the PID Tuning tab.  You can set different PID values as well as RC Rate etc and save them to 1 of 3 profiles.   Values on the Receiver Tab (i.e Roll Rate, Pitch Rate) will change with each profile as well.  Once I had that nailed, I then dug into setting the AIL toggle switch on my Turnigy 9x so I could use it to flip between Profiles 1 and 2.


  • This set-up has PPM, so all my channels (8) go through on wire from the receiver to the Flip32+. Should not affect the approach below, but thought it would be worth noting.
  • I’m using  Turnigy 9x (with ER9x), modded with a FrSky DHT transmiter, and a FrSky D4R-II receiver.  My flight controller is a Flip32+ (10DOF) with Cleanflight.
  • Cleanflight v1.8.1 has a glitch in it when testing changes using the Refresh button.  When toggling rate profiles via the TX and refreshing the interface, the Profile selection does not change (even though the values do).  Take note of this in Step 4 below.
  • Details on Er9x Mixer settings.