Spaz is my take on the famous LegWay robot first built by Steve Hassenplug. The version here is not quite the same as Steve’s, but more like the one built by Philo called “Yet Another LegWay”. The difference being, I did not have the special distance sensors that LegWay uses. Instead, Philo built a version that uses the regular Lego light sensors.

You must be wondering how I got the name? Well, try building one and listening to the motors. The first thing that came to mind was that the sound of the motors made the robot sound like it was spazzing… It is funny to watch.
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This was my first experience with BrickOS. Don’t ask me about it as I am still pretty green. I used Philo’s program (thanks Philo!). My understanding of it is that the robot repeatedly mesures values coming from the front and back light sensors, calculates the difference and corrects the motors by moving forward or reverse in micro bursts.  There is also a buffer value to allow for some give when calculations are done. This whole process happens almost 100x’s per second. This is what gives the motors the unique sound I referred to.

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