Welcome to my new blog.  I was beginning to tire of my old site and MCPDavefound that I needed a better way to manage the content of my projects as I diversify my portfolio of LEGO robotics,  electronics work, mods, instructables and other hacks.

Over the years I have had many great comments and questions primarily related to my LEGO robots.  When I did my Apple MightyMouse mod to my Asus EEE 901 (which I am typing this on right now), I decided to post instructions to my site.  Well, I managed to get picked up by a number of blogs around the world and received a huge response.  This has driven me to document more of my hobby projects here.

My hope is to share as much information as possible about LEGO and other DIY projects that I create.  I hope that you enjoy the site and please use the ratings and provide comments as I would like to know what people like and dislike.