Close-up of the IRLink Sensor and the Power Functions IR Receiver

Those linear actuator connector barrels make for a great link to allow the drive system rotate

Front view of DG

Bottom view of DG

Future Plans:

I have also added a HiTechnic IRLink sensor to the NXT as I plan on programming a full autonomous mode where the robot would navigate on its own.  When running in this mode, the NXT would issue commands through the IRLink senor to the Power Functions receiver to control the drive wheels while also monitoring the Acceleration sensor.  In addition to this, I also have a Techno-Stuff DIRPD sensor on there to aid in object detection up front. Stay tuned for more on this later…

Uses IRLink Sensor

Uses DIRPD Sensor

Uses Accelleration Sensor

Uses PF Motors

Uses NXT Motor(s)

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