Although the function of both these apps is the same, there are some underlying differences that are important to making your decision on which route to go.  In general, BT Bot Control is faster in getting joystick commands to the robot. This is inherent in the design as it uses a direct link over Bluetooth between the Android device and your robot.  WiFi Bot Control is slower as the commands have to a) share traffic with your WiFi network (this includes your IP camera stream), and b) are first sent to a server, and then to the robot.  This is mitigated somewhat with the introduction of WiFi-enabled Arduino devices such as the Spark Core and Adafruit CC3000).   However, if you do not have one of these devices, you would need to use a server with a webserver.   BT Bot Control is also easier to set-up and configure.  Once you have a Bluetooth connection, the sketch can interpret the commands.  With WiFi Bot Control, there is the intermediary JSON configuration on the server side.

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