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V5.0.7 – April 16 2013:

::  Pro Version:  Fixed issue with Default Joystick and data being returned from joystick movement. Only affects small screen devices.

V5.0.6  – April 12 2013:


:: New:  Added Simple Joystick Mode.   Allows for simple joystick control using arrows.  Sends single char data via Bluetooth as (U,D,L,R).  Command Buttons send data as (1 to 8).


:: Cleaned up the Help page content.


:: Added Simple Joystick Mode info.

v5.0.5 – April 6 2013 :


:: NEW! Added option to turn on additional command buttons (5-8). Will send values as numbered. i.e. Command button 5 sends sC=5e. The enable them, go to the Settings section.

::  Discovered that an “emergency stop” on the joystick is necessary when in Orientation Sensor mode.  When in this mode and controlling your robot, you may need to change a setting, add a camera etc.  Tapping the joystick will temporarily disable the Orientation Sensor control and bring the Joystick to 0,0 so your robot does not move.  Tapping the joystick again will turn the Orientation Sensor back on.  Note – this only works when the Orientation Sensor is enabled in Settings.

v5.0.4 – April 3 2013:
:: Updated Bluetooth Packet Delay component. New slider. Better notifications.
:: Updated notifications for Joystick Touch Down Action.
:: Added ability to switch between joystick or orientation sensor to control the joystick.  You can now tilt/roll the phone to control your robot.    Note – Joystick Touch Down Action is disabled when this is on.
:: Cleaned up notifications.
:: Improved joystick response.

Earlier Versions:

Coming soon.

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