FAQBTConfigSetting up Bluetooth is easy:


  • Before starting BTBotControl, make sure Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth device you are connecting to is powered on and you have previously paired the Bluetooth unit to your Android device.
  • Open BTBotControl and click the Bluetooth Settings icon (A).   You will see a screen similar to below.  Select your Bluetooth device.


  • After a few seconds, your Bluetooth device should be connected, and you should see a message indicating this.
  • The main window will update by showing the MAC address of the connected Bluetooth device (below the camera viewing window).  The icon for Bluetooth Connect (B above) will also change (arrows facing out).
  • To disconnect the Bluetooth device, click the Bluetooth Connect/Disconnect icon (B above).  After it is clicked, the Bluetooth status will be updated to show “disconnected” (below the camera viewing window) and the Bluetooth Connect/Disconnect icon (B) will change to an icon with arrows pointing in.
  • To quickly reconnect, click the Bluetooth Connect/Disconnect icon (B above).

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