You can verify that BTBotControl is sending data over Bluetooth by using an application such as Putty. You can do this by connecting your Android device to your computer/laptop over Bluetooth. Before using Putty, make sure you have paired the two devices and they are connected. To configure putty, setup a serial connection pointing to the Com Port (Serial Line) that your Bluetooth device/dongle is connected to. Typical speed settings are 9600 (Baud). Once configured, open the connection and then connect BTBotControl to your computer. Once it is connected, you should see coordinate / command data stream through when using the controls on BTBotControl.



If you have verified that data is being sent using Putty, but something still appears to  be wrong in the Sketch.  Try using Serial Print statements within the section of code where Bluetooth data is parsed and watch the response in the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor.  

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