WiFi Bot Control sends joystick and command data through a configurable URL.  You configure the main part of the URL (ie. http://www.yourserver.com/folderWhereFilesReside/updateState.php?).  Don’t forget the “?”, as it won’t work without it.  To test this out, there is a really easy solution.  

  • Open robotstatenew.json (or whatever you called the file that is written to by updatestatenew.php) in a text editor such as Notepad++.  Ensure that your Android device is connected to the network and proceed to use the joystick.
  • WiFi Bot Control should return a status of 200 (bottom) constantly. This means its reaching the PHP file (updatestatenew.php) based on the server URL you defined.  
  • Next step is to look at the json file in Notepad++.  If you click another window, then click back to Notepad++, it should alert you that the file contents have changed and ask you to reload it. Do it, and you should see the values have changed.  

Also note, that you should see the values for x and y go back to 0 if you remove your finger from the joystick.  This is by design.  To see actual values, keep moving the joystick while performing the above activities.

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