This is my LEGO ??dpi (25 I think) DTM scanner. The DTM works via a combination of RCX-based code done in NQC / RCXCC, and a program made in Visual Basic (5). RCX - The RCX is responsible for scanning a line, and populating its datalog with pixel values and then sending a signal for the PC to upload this data. The RCX then waits for the PC to send a signal back to continue.…
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It had been a few months since I built my last robot (Climber). During the early summer of 2002, I received an email from Syngress. They had indicated that they were going to create a series of "10 Cool Lego Mindstorms " books, and invited me to produce a model for one of them. For some time I had the idea of building a robot that could mimic the activity of laying down dominos on…
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