ESP8266 Window Sensor with OTA and Deep Sleep

I was looking to boost my home security by adding window sensors. Something small and obscure so it would not stand out. I landed on this axGear sensor unit. It is small (70 mm x 20 mm). However, there was only one problem - it comes with proprietary software that I'm not sure I can trust. I also intended to integrate it with the ecosystem of devices I've created which I manage using Blynk. Of…
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3D Printing

LulzBot Mini 2: Fan & Lighting Controller

I was so impressed with my Lulzbot Mini 1, that I decided to buy a Mini ; Holding true to my mantra, whenever I get a new toy, I can't leave well enough ;  So, I decided to re-create my original Mini 1 custom fan and lighting controller with some tweaks and enhancements for my new Mini ; Two key drivers were to a) reduce fan noise, and b) add lighting with control. How it…
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COVID-19 Daily Stats on a Nextion HMI using ESP8266

While Covid-19 picks a fight with humanity, keeping busy and your mind clear is important for all of us. In addition to getting out on hikes and biking with the family, what better way to pass the time than to built IoT stuff! Since I had a new 7" Nextion HMI screen sitting around just waiting for a project, and had some vacation time, I decided to buffer up my skills and get to work.…
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