In Nov 2018 I took on the adventure of finishing my own basement.  I’m now at the point where I’m wiring my AV system up and focused on the audio part.  When looking to find banana jack wall plates for the speaker connectors, I was surprised to see that most are flush mount with the banana jacks sticking out.  You can find some that are wall mounted, but they can be pricey and don’t fit the standard wall box.  Although a flush plate is not a big deal, good enough was not “good enough” for me – I wanted the jacks to be inset like they are on speakers etc. Besides, my LulzBot Mini needed attention.  So, I fired up TinkerCAD and 20 minutes later here’s what I had.

TinkerCAD is a pretty simple app when it comes to CAD and 3D printing work.  However, it’s quite powerful and can do amazing things if you know a few tricks.  All in a few minutes, and it’s online as well. You can download the plate from my Thingiverse.