I recently received the LongWei 30V/10A (Model: LW-K2010D) power supply from Banggood.com to review. Full disclosure – it was sent to free for this review. That said, I’m transparent about my views on things and don’t sugarcoat. The below review is my first impression of this unit doing some basic validation of it’s functions. In the coming months I’ll drop back in and update as I get more experience with this PS. The review is broken into 2 parts: 1) Showing voltage / current features with a LED strip, Digital MultiMeter and my high precision CurrentRanger low current measurement tool. 2) A quick teardown with a look at the guts of the unit – because I like to take things apart!

In summary, for $70CAD, it’s a suitable power supply that provides accurate voltage and current. However, it does suffer from an issue related to current limiting at low values (see video). What I haven’t yet checked is if it has this same issue at higher current ranges (i.e. > 1 Amp). If you want to pick one up, click the link at the top (coupon in product listing). Also here are some other limited time coupons as well as a link to other power supplies:
MusTool MT3205: Coupon code: MUST39 (expires 2019/04/15)
15% off power supplies. Coupon code: 76142e

MusTool MT3205: Coupon code: MUST39 (expires 2019/04/15)15% off power supplies. Coupon code: 76142e