3rd hand tools are a must-have when working with soldering. You need something to hold the PCB, the solder, and the soldering iron. Basically any project where you need a (wait for it…) 3rd hand! A magnifying glass is also helpful for those with aging eyes. My friends at Banggood.com sent my this to check out and I have to say I’m impressed. Read on..

Before receiving this, I had made my own with a combination of 3D printed pieces and pre-made arms. Although it’s worked fine, the lack of lighting around the magnifying glass made it hard to see the work piece due to shadows. This product solves that problem and thensome. It has a tough build, 3 switchable light modes (warm, natural and cool) as well as brightness settings. It does have it’s small annoyances however. Hop down to the video review below to see it in action. You can get yours here over at Banggood.com.