For over a year I lived with an annoying creaking noise coming from the back of my 2012 Nissan Juke.  Symptoms were a creaking noise that sounded like really bad hardwood creaking in a house.  Happened when turning, going over bumps or anything that caused twisting of the chassis.  I first tried checking the rear area including removing all the bits in the trunk including the spare, foam parts and side panels, it was still there. Checked the hatch for rattles, checked the rubber stops on the latch (nada).  Also checked the shock towers and still nada.  Other suggestions pointed to the bolts holding down the rear seats, so I decided to look to that area but then the below brace (picture) caught my attention.

I noticed that it had some rust forming on it and figured why not have a look as the sound was coming from that general area.   Since this was metal on metal, I loosened the bolts off, add some lube and re-tighten. Voila!  Fixed. No more creaks.  As there is one on the other side, I decided to do the same to it. However, I confirmed that it was the drivers-left side that was causing the creak. 

To get at this brace is a bit of a pain, but nothing a too difficult for someone who is handy.   Had to remove the trunk bits/covers, various plastic cover panels on the drivers side, as well as rubber stripping (only partially pulled away to get the panels out).  Also had to remove the left rear passenger seat (easy).  The brace (what I call it) is circled below.  There are 8 bolts. Unscrew them enough to get some spray lube in there, then re-tighten. Don’t use WD40, but something like grease. I used lithium spray to get under and around the bolt holes.  Don’t know torque specs but the gray ones can handle more than the black ones.  Fairly tight, but just by hand with a standard ratchet.  Done. No more creak!