3rd hand tools are a must-have when working with soldering. You need something to hold the PCB, the solder, and the soldering iron. Basically any project where you need a (wait for it…) 3rd hand! A magnifying glass is also helpful for those with aging eyes. My friends at Banggood.com sent my this to check out and I have to say I’m impressed. Read on..

Before this, I made my own with a combination of 3D printed pieces and pre-made arms. Although it’s works fine, the lack of lighting around the magnifying glass close to the work-piece has resulted in it not getting much use. This product solves that problem and also thensome with (mostly) quality parts and a tough build, 3 switchable light colour modes (warm, natural and cool) + brightness options. It does come with a few small annoyances however. Hop down to the video review below to see it in action. If you want to pick one up, here’s a link to the listing on Banggood.com.