Feb 2007:

CT1 was a quick build to test the HiTechnic Colour sensor that I recently received. Being the type that does not read the fine print that often, I had it in my mind that I would build a robot that could navigate around and rhyme off colours of objects that it “saw”. It was not until I tested it that objects have to be within 10mm distance to get any sort of decent reading as to its colour. So, intead I ended up with a fast agile little bot and decided to take some pics of the platform. At the least I found yet another way of building a micro drive platform for a small robot…

What I learned – if you are looking sophisticated colour detection at a distance, such a sensor does not (yet) exist. This sensor is specific to close range colour detection. In order to give this sensor a fair trial, I am building a brick sorting robot that will sort based on a variety of colours. S tay tuned for this and a review on the results of using the colour sensor.
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Side view of CT1. Click for a larger image.

Top side view of CT1. Click for a larger image.

Front view of CT1. The Ultrasonic Sensor is used for object avoidance. Below it is the colour sensor. Click for a larger image.

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Bottom view showing the 90 degree angle connectors used to beef up construction of studless robots. Click for a larger image.

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