I’m looking at alternate steering options for BluCrawler as the LEGO PF servo motor doesn’t cut it, and I’m not satisfied with other LEGO-based approaches I’ve tried.  So, I’m headed into unconventional territory that may cause my AFOL brethren to shiver.   I’m looking at integrating a HiTech HS-225BB Servo to manage steering.  If it works, I’ll add one to the front and rear to give me the throw I need for a tight turning radius as well as options such as crab steering.  Below are some pics with STL files if you want to print it yourself.  As usual, expect some post-print re-work to make things fit.  The one thing I did notice is the black friction pins do not fit all the way in which leaves about a half mm gap in fitting against the blueish-gray structure.  This can easily be fixed by modifying the STL.